Thomas Peterson for Mayor

Anoka needs a new mayor. As a French Bulldog, I feel I am suitably qualified. I know how to sit, shake hands, and, in an emergency, play dead. Additionally, I promise that I won't roll over on any issue.

Doggie Sense

Saturday, January 28, 2006

I'm not the biggest fan of corn, but I tell you, if any of it drops on the floor, I'm there. While my adoptive parents cook, I usually stand guard like a soldier, ready at a moments notice to trot to their aid. But it doesn't matter where I am. When food stuff falls on the kitchen linoleum, I get a tingling feeling at the back of my neck and I run. I am the doggie equivalent of Spiderman.

This is one of the reasons I would make a good mayor. I am vigilant.


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